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The City of Lakewood is accepting applications to fill one (1) vacancy on the Community Services Advisory Board.

DESCRIPTION:   The Community Services Advisory Board is to assist the City Council in the following areas:

Conduct public hearings

  1. To receive public comments to identify community and housing needs and development of proposed activities; and
  2. To review allocation of human services funds and programs.
  1. Recommend to the City Council
  1. Programs for funding out of CDBG funds;
  2. CDBG and HOME funding allocations, including development of housing program strategies;
  3. Suggestions for the Consolidated Plan and other related documents.
  4. Funding for human services.
  1. Perform such other duties and functions related to CDBG, HOME and Human Services funding as assigned by the City Council and in furtherance of the goals and objectives of the CDBG and HOME programs as well as Chapter 8 of the City Code, specifically section 8.9, Health and Human Services.

The Advisory Board shall work in accordance with a work plan as detailed in LMC Chapter 2.68.


QUALIFICATIONS:  Members shall be appointed from among members of the public to include, to the extent reasonably possible, representation from people involved with or interested in the various opportunities and projects to enhance the provision of Community Development Block Grant investments and human services in the city.

MEMBERSHIP:  Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

TERMS OF OFFICE:         One vacancy to fill an unexpired term through December 15, 2020.

MEETING DATES:             Meetings are held as needed. 

ATTENDANCE:  Individuals appointed are expected to attend meetings regularly.  The Council expects to be informed in the event any Committee, Board or Commission member has three unexcused absences.  The Council, may in the event of three unexcused absences, dismiss the individual from service.

EXPECTATIONS:                Adhere to City of Lakewood’s Code of Ethics, mutual respect among members, good listener, and flexible.

APPLICATIONS:                 Applications are available at or here :

                                                Lakewood City Hall

                                                City Clerk’s Office

                                                6000 Main Street SW

                                                Lakewood, WA  98499

                                                (253) 983-7701

DEADLINE:  Monday, November 20, 2017.