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City Manager


Oct. 2, 2015


To: Mayor and Members of the City Council

From: John J. Caulfield, City Manager 

Topics of Interest and Updates

Major Road Work

Below is a list of major road work scheduled for the week beginning Oct. 1 in the City of Lakewood per the Public Works Department:

  • Steilacoom Blvd – Lakewood Drive to South Tacoma Way – Overlay
    • Oct. 1-2, 5 - Days: Utility lids will be adjusted to grade. Temporary lane closures will be required.
    • October 5-6 – Nights (weather dependent): Striping and pavement markings.  Half of the roadway will be closed at a time, with one lane of traffic operating in each direction.
  • Bridgeport Way – Pacific Highway to 112th - Overlay
    • Oct. 1-2, 5 - Days: Utility lids will be adjusted to grade. Temporary lane closures will be required.
    • Oct. 7-8 – Nights (weather dependent): Striping and pavement markings. Half of the roadway will be closed at a time, with one lane of traffic operating in each direction.
  • Veterans Drive (area) Phase 4 – Water Main Replacement (Lakewood Water District Project)
  • Railroad Crossing Utility Relocation Work – Communication Casing Installation at Berkeley Street and North Thorne Lane RR Crossing:
    • Late September - October: Communication contractors will be closing Berkeley Street over one to two days on a weekend in order to install a casing across Berkeley Street at the railroad crossing. Vehicles will be detoured to North Thorne Lane. On a separate weekend, the same work will take place at North Thorne Lane RR Crossing.
  • Madigan Access Project
    • The contractor has begun to mobilize to their staging area near the northbound Berkeley Street off ramp.
    • Weeks of Oct. 5, Oct. 12 - Days: Work will be limited to ramp shoulders and Joint Base Lewis-McChord property.  No lane closures anticipated.
    • Week of Oct. 19: Tentatively scheduled for the Berkeley Street Bridge to be narrowed to two, 10-foot lanes to allow for the bridge widening. Bridge will be limited to one lane with flaggers on each end during the late evening hours to facilitate the lane reconfiguration. Additional project information can be found at:
  •  Woodbrook Sewer Extension
    • Friday, Oct. 2: Sewer construction at intersection of 146th and Woodbrook Drive will begin. Detours will be in effect and access to the area limited to “local access only.” Please be aware of relocated bus stops that will be noticed by Pierce Transit and Clover Park School District.

'Connections Magazine' Flipbook Available Online

Did you know that you can access an electronic "flipbook" version of Lakewood Connections Magazine online?

Best part is the navigation tool allows you to turn and jump to any page, get a thumbnail view of the magazine, download and print pages. Check it out by clicking on the magazine cover to the right.

We've been hearing a lot of good things about our new Connections Magazine. Readers are loving the new look, and we love that they love the new look. A few responses from residents:

  • "Congratulations on an amazing look to the new Lakewood Connections magazine. It is first class."
  • "Love the New Upgrade."
  • "The new magazine looks amazing!"

Have you gotten a chance to glance through it? What do you think? 

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Proclamation

At its meeting Monday, Oct. 5, the Lakewood City Council is scheduled to proclaim this month as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Did you know that the City of Lakewood Legal Department, on behalf of the residents of Lakewood, University Place Steilacoom and DuPont, filed 543 domestic violence cases between January and August? And it’s likely these figures reflect a portion of domestic violence cases in our area, as many go unreported.

The City of Lakewood believes domestic violence hurts individuals, families and the greater community, and domestic violence takes place in different forms, including:

  • Assaults
  • Threats
  • Dating Violence
  • Stalking
  • Protection Order Violations

This epidemic involves more than relationship problems or family issues, and its impact reaches far and can last for generations. The City of Lakewood is committed to helping hold violent members of society accountable for domestic violence, as well as work with other agencies to end this epidemic.

The Lakewood City Council meeting begins 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 5 at Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main Street 

Cottage Housing Code

Also on Monday, the Lakewood City Council  is scheduled to vote on a proposed code that would allow cottage-style housing in single-family zoning districts.

Generally speaking, cottage housing is a multi-unit housing development that features small detached units (generally 800 square feet to 1,500 square feet) arranged around a common open space area with congregate parking.

The proposed ordinance would allow cottage housing developments to exceed the base density otherwise allowed in the single-family zoning districts (R1 through R4), subject to special design and development standards and the approval of a conditional use permit.

The City Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposed cottage housing code in June. In September, the Planning Commission approved an amended resolution. Changes included:

  • Increased the maximum unit size to 1,500 sq. ft. in order to accommodate a third bedroom;
  • Provides that cottages are intended to be a maximum of 1-1/2 stories, not 2-stories. Any upper floor should be developed within the roof structure, not below the roof structure; and,
  • Provides that developers must show a workable site plan using conventional development standards and addressing any environmental constraints in order to establish the base number of units that could be constructed under conventional zoning.

In June, an environmental review pursuant to the State Environmental Policy Act took place and resulted in a “Determination of Non-Significance.”

The Lakewood City Council meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Oct. 5, at Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main Street SW.

Lakewood at ICMA Conference

A handful of representatives from the City of ‪Lakewood attended the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Conference in Seattle this week, where they learned and shared experiences with other local government leaders from all over the U.S. about operating effectively while bringing you, the taxpayer, the services and products you expect. Attendees included City Manager John Caulfield and City Attorney Heidi Wachter, and City Management Analyst Adam Lincoln was one of the event's main organizers.

West Pierce Remembers Former Lakewood Fire Chief Rolly

(The following was posted on West Pierce Fire & Rescue's Facebook page  regarding the passing of former Lakewood Fire Chief Chester (Chet) Rolly)

Our past certainly shapes our future. Today we remember former Lakewood Fire Chief Chester (Chet) Rolly, as he passed away last week.

Chief Rolly was known as a visionary in the fire service and successfully passed the first maintenance & operations levy at Lakewood Fire in 1974, among other accomplishments. Remembering these successes make us realize how far we've come and who we are today as West Pierce Fire & Rescue. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rolly family during this difficult time.

National Preparedness Month: See, Smell and Hear After A Disaster

(As part of 2015 National Preparedenss Month, here's another helpful article to keep you and your family safe)

Even after a disaster's initial impact is over, residents should still be aware of their surroundings. Electricity, gas and other utilities can still present danger. Here are some tips on what to look out for:

Utilities shut off and safety
  • We all need utilities such as water, electricity and gas for daily living. However, in a disaster, these utilities can become damaged and a threat to you, your family, your home or your neighborhood. Know your home's utilities and how to shut them off. Note that you may need tools to shut off some utilities. Make sure each family member knows where the utilities are and how to shut them off. If a family member is not strong enough, teach them to recognize that the utilities that need to be shut off and to go find someone that could do it for them.

  • If you don’t see it, smell it, or hear it, leave it on.  However, if you do see it, smell it or hear it, turn it off! Caution: If you turn off the gas for any reason, a qualified professional turn it on again. NEVER attempt to turn the gas back on yourself.  You may need a special tool (wrench) to turn it off.  Keep the tool near the gas meter. 
  • Before an emergency, locate the shut-off valve for the water line that enters your house and label this valve with a tag for easy identification. Make sure all household members know where it is located. Cracked lines may pollute the water supply to your house. It is wise to shut off your water until you hear from authorities that it is safe for drinking. The effects of gravity may drain the water in your hot water heater and toilet tanks unless you trap it in your house by shutting off the main house valve. (This is not the street valve in the cement box at the curb – the street valve is extremely difficult to turn and requires a special tool.)
  • Electrical sparks have the potential of igniting natural gas if it is leaking. It is wise to teach all responsible household members where and how to shut off the electricity. Locate your electrical circuit box. For your safety, always shut off all the individual circuits before shutting off the main circuit.
For more information on utility safety see the sites below:

Economic Development

Allen Realtors Celebrates 75 Years

On Thursday, Oct. 1, a Lakewoood institution, Allen Realtors, celebrated its 75th anniversary with an open house.

As the story goes, Harold Allen Sr. started the company on Oct. 1, 1940 in Tacoma. It moved to its curent location on Gravelly Lake Drive in 1953, and over the years, Harold Allen Jr. molded the real estate and property management company into one of the best in the South Sound.

On Thursday night, more than 150 people attended the ceremony, including several officials from the City of Lakewood. The City has posted a photo album from its Facebook page.

The City congratulations Allen Realtors on a successful 75 years and is looking forward to seeing what it will do in the future. We also are thankful that it calls Lakewood home.

Want to learn more about Aller Realtors? Check out the City of Lakewood's Business Showcase profile of the company.

City Council

The City Council will be holding a special meeting on Saturday, October 3, 2015, beginning at 8:30 a.m., in City Hall, Executive Conference Room 3A, located at 6000 Main Street SW.  Agenda items for the meeting include:

October 3, 2015 (Saturday) Retreat, 8:30 AM

  • Community Visioning
  • State Legislative Agenda, Legislative Policy Manual and Federal Priorities


The City Council will be holding a regular meeting on Monday, October 5, 2015, beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 6000 Main Street SW.  Agenda items for the meeting include:

October 5, 2015 Regular Meeting

  • Youth Council Report
  • Proclamation declaring October as DV Awareness month
  • Clover Park School District Report
  • Set November 2, 2015 as public hearing on 2016 property tax levy
  • Set November 2, 2015 as public hearing on 2015-2016 budget amendments
  • Appoint members to Arts Commission
  • Adopt cottage housing code.
  • Approve condemnation of certain properties on Gravelly Lake Drive between 100th Street and Bridgeport Way
  • Resolution opposing City of Tacoma’s Proposition 3 utility tax levy
  • Approve Clover Park School District fuel contract
  • Approve Tacoma Public Utilities contract for LED streetlighting project.
  • Approve Puget Sound Energy business lighting incentive program agreement for conversion of LED streetlighting project. 
  • Approve contract for abating barn debris at Ft. Steilacoom Park
  • Reports by the City Manager - Snow and ice storm readiness report and Community Satisfaction Survey update.


The City Council will be holding a study session on Monday, October 12, 2015, beginning at 7:00 p.m., in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 6000 Main Street SW.  Agenda items for the meeting include:

October 12, 2015 Study Session

  • Joint Lakewood Arts Commission meeting
  • Economic Development update
  • Review of proposed development services fee schedule amendments
  • Review of sanitary sewers (R&R program, grease traps, permitting
  • Review of Title 5 (business license code) implementation
  • Review of repealing LMC Sections 03.09.280 & .290 relative to Municipal Court Trust Fund Account & Section 125 Fund.
  • Review of 2015-2016 mid-biennial budget amendments
  • Review of tree and infrastructure in ROW
  • Review of Transportation Benefit District assumption