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With the amount of rain the Puget Sound may receive, rain and wind will start knocking leaves off of trees. Storm drains may cause some urban flooding.

Christine Badger, the City of Lakewood's Emergency Management Coordinator, advises neighborhoods to clean leaves off of storm drains. 


The first of two strong Pacific storm systems will likely begin to affect the area Wednesday evening, as rain begins to spread into the region. Models continue to show the potential for up 1 to 2 inches of rain over the lowlands and 2 to 4 inches in the mountains. (The picture shows 3.27 for Tacoma and 4.03 for Olympia)

A second, potentially stronger Pacific storm system will affect the region on Saturday and Sunday. Models continue to show a very deep surface low tracking into the area that may bring heavier precipitation and even stronger winds than Thursday's system.  In addition to rainfall and winds, this system will also bring seas greater than 30 feet to the coastal waters of Washington and the potential for significant coastal flooding. The details regarding the nature of the impacts of this storm, including the specific timing, location, strength and type of hazards, are dependent upon the track and strength of the surface low, which is not certain at this time.      


These storm systems have the potential to bring a wide range of potentially significant impacts to the region.


Confidence is moderate to high that one or more strong Pacific storm systems will affect the area beginning Wednesday evening through the weekend. In addition, confidence is moderate to high that these storm systems will produce a wide range of potentially significant impacts. Confidence in the specific timing, location and magnitude of impacts is low at this time.