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The funeral procession to honor fallen Tacoma Police Officer Reginald “Jake” Gutierrez will be held December 9, 2016, beginning at approximately 10:30 AM. The procession will travel from Joint Base Lewis-McChord along South Tacoma Way to the Tacoma Dome.
The Tacoma Police Department asks that if you are required to drive through any of the affected areas to please seek an alternate route. Road closures and traffic congestion is expected throughout the day. Roads will be open along the procession route, prior to the procession start time. During the procession, the route will be closed to non-procession related traffic. 

Businesses along the procession route should expect traffic congestion for several hours. The procession route is expected to be clear by 3 PM. 

The procession route is as follows:

Leave Joint Base Lewis-McChord, North Gate, north on South Tacoma Way Extension. 

(Right turn) North on South Tacoma Way (The procession will stop at South Tacoma Way and Pine Street to allow the Tacoma Police Department family to join the procession.) 

(Right turn) East D Street, Tacoma

The memorial service will begin at 1 PM, at the Tacoma Dome (2727 E. D St.). The memorial service is open to the public.  More information will follow regarding parking and transportation to the Tacoma Dome, as parking at the Tacoma Dome will be reserved for emergency response personnel.
The Tacoma Police Department is grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support from the community during this difficult time. For information regarding flowers, donations, and other details please refer to the Tacoma Police Department's press release .