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The Parks Department, Public Works Department, and City of Lakewood have planned for public investments in the neighborhood to improve residential and community life. The City wants its residents to feel confident in our commitment to creating better roads, more attractive parks, and a high standard of living for all residents.

Springbrook is located in the southeast portion of Lakewood, isolated by I-5. The neighborhood is a roughly triangular sector, bounded by Joint Base Lewis McChord to the south and to the east, and I-5 to the northwest. Historically, the Springbrook neighborhood has struggled with problems surrounding poverty;  symptoms stem from a lack of transportation access into and out of the neighborhood,  as well as a lack of supportive communal spaces that can sustain physical health, civic engagement, and community-building. New efforts by Parks and Public Works are intended to address those problems.

Springbrook Park is an open playfield and serves as a gathering space for residents. The park often hosts sports activities for children, community block parties and other events. The community quickly began to test the capacity of the park-- due to its small size, the park space could only support one activity at a time. To expand capacity, the City purchased additional land next to the park, expanding space by another an acre. Kids and adults can play soccer on the playfield now, which the previous baseball diamond did not support. A new misting structure allows kids playing in the summertime to stay cool without subverting the nearby sprinkler system. The design positions the playfields in the center of new playgrounds structures, new community garden space, a new picnic area, and parking compliant with ADA standards. 

The park has historically been a community gathering place for a wide audience: from children and adults to organizations like First Lions, Kiwanis Club, St Leo Food Connection, Boys and Girls Club, and Springbrook Connection to name a few. The space supports a weekly food bank, seasonal community dinners and more. The new area will support more activities, more people and new educational programming on the environmental surroundings. Springbrook Park extends to Clover Creek and will connect to the north side of Springbrook over the water with a pedestrian bridge. This bridge will provide greater access to Lakewood Sound Transit to the north via 47th Ave SW, and to commercial spaces along Bridgeport Way.

Bridgeport Way serves as the artery to the neighborhood, not too far west from Springbrook Park. The roughly $3 million dollars in upgrades bolsters the capacity of the road to serve more people over a longer span of time. The design expands the access for people on foot or in their vehicles, and alleviates stress on the environment. New bicycle lanes, sidewalks, traffic signals and street lighting allow for non-motorized transportation to move through safely throughout the day. A continuous center lane for left-turning drivers helps to keep traffic moving forward, into and through the neighborhood.  New curbs, gutters, landscaping and storm drainage anchor the right-of-way to keep the land and water clean. The improvement of this asset helps to support the residents of Springbrook in their daily life. The road supports community and civic engagements, and they support national security efforts from our military neighbor to our Southern perimeter, and they support investments from the private market. 

As these improvements come online, we envision the local residential and civic culture sustained into the future. We know that these investments directly impact the social and economic aspects of the neighborhood. The Springbrook community has shown leadership and responsibility, and the City of Lakewood hopes that private business and development recognizes those efforts in the future as well.