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Looking for the perfect gift? Below are a list of ideas and places to buy without leaving Lakewood. 
Gifts for Parents
Sometimes you need a little bit of style in your cooking, why not try a set of copper pans, new silicone bakeware perhaps? Or maybe convenience, like a coffee maker for the kitchen? Comfort and luxury in the bedroom is always a great surprise-- down feather comforter, smooth sheets for example. Find a gift that speaks to the unique nature of your relationship. A personalized mug or picture frame with your photo from Robi's Cameras might be in the cards. Otherwise, warm winter sweaters, a comfy set of pajamas, wool-lined slippers, and a cozy robe might be the way to go! There are a number of big box retailers to pick from, such as Big Lots , Bed Bath & Beyond , H-Mart and Target will have a quick fix for you. 
Maybe your mom or dad needs a break from the home, from the daily grind. Treat them to a special day out or night out! How about a relaxing trip to a day spa at Davinci Salon or Salon AtoaToni ? Take the family out for a new action flick at AMC Theatres in Lakewood . Make a trip to see local stage productions at Lakewood Playhouse like "Doubt" which debuts Feb. 17. Bring a big coat and park yourself at the driving range with a bucket of golf balls at Fort Steilacoom or Oakbrook Golf Course
Gifts for Kids, Young and Old
Rainy days have your kids bouncing off the walls? Keep them busy when they're not at school. For your bookworm books, music, and magazines are at Barnes & Noble . Athletically-inclined kids might enjoy a set of shoes, exercise outfits, or a piece of equipment to get their game going again - why not make a stop at a local sporting goods retailer like Big 5 Sporting Goods? And then there's time for sharpening artistic and musical creativity with new instruments, music books, tuning forks and other tools from local arts retailers like Music & Arts , Michael's and Hobby Lobby . Pick up a video game or movie from retailers like GameStar and Hyper Sonic Games and Toys
Gifts for Pets
Remember to pick up a treat for those little four-legged friends who provide us with companionship every day. Need a new indestructible chew toy or a bed for your dog? Or catnip infused mouse for your cat? Whether it's a new bone or chew toy, a new scratching pad, or a warm winter outfit, you can find something special at places like PetSmart or Petco Animal Supplies . Spoil your pet with a new style and get them looking sharp at Groomingdale's  or another local animal grooming shops.