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The city recently approved a tree removal permit for six trees at the Lakewood Colonial Center.

The trees could come down as early as tomorrow (April 7) with work continuing through the weekend.

The Westwood Financial Corporation was granted the permit April 5 to address hazard trees on its property located on the 9300 block of Bridgeport Way SW near its intersections with Gravelly Lake Drive and Motor Avenue.

In total there are 79 trees on the site and only six will be cut. Of those, two are large Garry oak trees; the others are maples.

Westwood Financial submitted an arborist report with its permit request detailing the health of each tree on its property. The report determined the six trees slated for removal were hazardous and posed a public safety risk.

The report noted the two Garry oak trees to be removed were troublesome because of how they were located on site and maintained.  

The tree located at the entrance of the center has a “large fungal fruiting body,” according to arborist Robert W. Williams.

“The appearance of this fungal growth indicates internal decay is present,” Williams wrote. “The presence of decay increases the likelihood of trunk breakage. Failure in this tree has a high probability of causing harm.”

Along with removing the hazard trees, Westwood Financial has also hired tree specialists to prune the existing trees on the property – which does not require a permit.

The trees are mature, but have not been properly maintained over the years. The proposed pruning is anticipated to improve the condition of the trees by removing dead, dying, diseased and weak branches from the crown.

Pruning techniques like topping, over lifting and lion tailing are prohibited in the city.

The tree removal and maintenance is being done as part of Westwood Financials plans to renovate its property and bring in new business.

Click here to read the permit application approval and full arborist report.