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Athletes from around the South Sound, including Lakewood, shared their stories about the Lakewood SummerFEST Triathlon presented by St. Clare Hospital. The videos have aired since the end of April on the city’s YouTube channel, Facebook , and Twitter .

Each person has their own reasons for competing; all their stories are compelling.

Lakewood resident Luke Hannon became a triathlete to maintain his sobriety and lose weight;



Kaylee Strausbaugh was inspired by a friend’s near death experience;



Shanna Turek races for a little girl named Hannah whose illness confined her to a wheelchair but hasn’t stopped her from playing sports;



ER doc Nathan Schlicher and his wife are participating in their fourth Lakewood SummerFEST Triathlon this summer – something they started to stay healthy and lose weight.


Marc Chung has competed in triathlons for 30 years. Last year was his first Lakewood SummerFEST Triathlon. Hear his story about mastering the art of transition between events.


SummerFEST triathletes Teresa Buccholz and Stephanie Willet describe the camaraderie felt on race day; Nathan Schlicher gives doctor's orders; and resident Luke Hannon describes what set's Lakewood's course apart from other triathlons in the area.