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Communications Manager


It has come to the city’s attention that a letter impersonating Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro was recently sent to some residents.

The contents of the letter identify a specific house in the city as a drug house and encourage residents to take a stand against the activity.

This letter is fraudulent. The city of Lakewood and Lakewood Police Department would never send a letter like this.

If you have received this letter, please disregard and take no action based on its contents.

The city does mail information to residents from time to time, but information is always sent using official city letterhead or postcards. If the city needs to get a mass message out to residents it would be on official letterhead and accompanied by social media posts on Facebook and Twitter and would be written in a professional manner.

The city encourages people to report suspicious activity or perceived criminal activity to the Lakewood Police Department tip line at (253) 830-5049.

If residents have a question about the validity of communication from the city, please call City Hall at (253) 589-2489.

Click to see the letter.