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Developers, property owners and those interested in doing business in Lakewood attended the city's third annual Developer's Forum June 15 at the McGavick Center.

The morning included presentations by three developers currently building projects in the city - Seth Borman, Travis Hale and James Guerrero - as well as information from city building staff about work the city is doing to improve the permitting and building process to make it easier for developers to do business in Lakewood.

While detailing the various project's his architecture group has done in the city, architect James Guerrero said Lakewood was "significantly easier to work with" that other parts of Pierce County. He noted in the past he would have put another city at the top of his list as the easiest to work with, but Lakewood has since clinched that position.

See the presentations from the forum and what the city is doing to entice redevelopment and new development.