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The city has partnered with Whole Foods Market in University Place to support its Farmers Market Healthy Bucks program.

Through the partnership, Whole Foods Chambers Bay will dedicate 5 percent of its sales from June 22 to the city which will allow us to provide more Healthy Bucks to children in our community.

Through the Healthy Bucks program children 16 years old and under can purchase $2 worth of fruits and vegetables from market vendors. All they have to do is stop by the city booth at the market to pick up their Healthy Bucks, then walk around our market and pick out the fresh produce they want to buy.

Through this program we are not only providing our youth with the opportunity to buy fresh food, but we are teaching them the importance of healthy food choices.

This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors like Whole Foods Market. The city is honored and excited to be one of the groups selected as a partner for the Whole Foods Market Community Support Days, which only happen four times a year.

Please consider helping us achieve our goal of supporting our youth and providing them with healthy food by shopping at Whole Foods Market Chambers Bay, 3515 Bridgeport Way W, University Place on June 22.

Thank you!