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Lochburn Middle School served as the backdrop for an active shooter training this week for local law enforcement – including Lakewood’s police force.

Trainers included members of the Metro SWAT team, who worked with officers to teach them how to respond to a live, mass shooting incident.

It’s a scenario we hope never plays out in Lakewood, but if it does our officers are ready.

Participants received instruction time before heading into unlit hallways of the now empty school to run through the different scenarios they could face in an active shooter situation.

The day ended with a “live” training that included the exchange of gun fire between police and the “bad guys”. Instead of real bullets officers fired paint-filled bullets from their guns, similar to paintball but with less paint and more impact because the bullets were fired from service weapons.

Our officers receive eight hours of training like this every year - which is more than some agencies offer. This is in addition to simulated training our officers complete as well as other training courses.

Watch Assistant Police Chief John Unfred explain why this type of training is so important for our officers.