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Sound Transit and the state Department of Transportation will be testing all railroad crossings in the city of Lakewood this weekend, as well as every crossing along the Point Defiance Bypass route between DuPont and Tacoma.

That means passenger trains traveling at 50 miles per hour will bisect the city Saturday July 15 and Sunday July 16.

Drivers and pedestrians should be prepared for trains to come from either direction at various times throughout the day. People are reminded to stay off the tracks and practice good rail safety. Please see the recent Sound Transit release  for more information on the project. 

The track and signal tests are being done in preparation for the rerouting of Amtrak Cascades passenger trains from the railroad tracks that run along Puget Sound to inland tracks known as the Point Defiance Bypass. These high-speed trains are expected to begin running in a couple months and will be traveling at speeds up to 79 miles per hour.