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Sept. 8, 2017

The B&I Public Marketplace was shut down Aug. 17 by the City of Lakewood and West Pierce Fire & Rescue because it is unsafe for people to be inside.

During the week of Aug. 21 power was shut off to the building at the recommendation of the state Department of Labor & Industries, which determined electrical work done to the building is unsafe and hazardous.

City and fire officials are in regular communication with the building owners and their agent and all parties are working together.

The city and West Pierce Fire & Rescue have requested the following items from the owner:

  • Copy of Fire Protection Engineer evaluation of the building’s fire protection system.
  • Copy of electrical reports from Labor & Industries and utility providers Lakeview Light & Power and Tacoma Power.

These reports will include recommendations from the experts who inspected the property. City building officials and West Pierce Fire & Rescue representatives will use these recommendations to prioritize the work that must be done in order for the building to reopen.

City and fire officials will work with the building owner and their agent to create an action plan with the intent to address the most severe problems first. Once the items affecting public safety are fixed, the building can reopen.

A timeline for the completion of additional items not impacting public safety will also be drafted for the owner.

Once the action plan is complete it is up to the owners to hire licensed, bonded and insured contractors to do the work. That includes filing for permits and passing inspections once the work is done, as required by law. In some cases work may be required to be done sequentially, which could take time.

It is unknown how long it could take to complete the work, but it is not something that will be done in a matter of days. An accurate timeline is unknown until the prioritized list is created and the building owners hire contractors. Re-opening the building also depends on the work passing inspections.

The building will remain closed until it is safe for the public to be inside.