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If Gravelly Lake Drive between 100th Street and Bridgeport Way (near the Colonial Center) is part of your daily commute chances are you've been wondering: "When in the world will the construction end?!"

Well daily commuters you're in luck, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter by the day.

Since June contractor RW Scott has performed work on the busy thoroughfare, starting with upgrades to storm runoff catch basins before moving on to installing improved sidewalks with curb and gutter that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

When all is said and done this $1.84 million will provide continuous sidewalks along Gravelly Lake Drive from its intersection with Steilacoom Boulevard all the way down to Nyanza Road.

Other improvements with this project include updating the street lighting to LED lights and reconfiguring the right turn from Mt. Tacoma Drive onto Gravelly Lake Drive. Previously there was an island that separated right turning traffic from the rest of the lanes on Mt. Tacoma Drive. This right turn channel will be replaced with a dedicated right turn lane and a new signal at the intersection. The focus is on pedestrian safety by improving visibility at this intersection.

Other significant changes for Mt. Tacoma Drive include big changes to parking on front of the Colonial Center. The current configuration of angle-in parking along the storefronts causes significant traffic congestion during busy times as cars back out of the spaces and into oncoming traffic on Mt. Tacoma Drive.

This typically results in backups onto Gravelly Lake Drive. To fix this problem the angled parking spaces will be replaced with eight parallel parking spaces. The hope is this will reduce the backups onto Mt. Tacoma and Gravelly Lake drives during peak times.

Check out the video below to hear from project manager and Lakewood civil engineer Paul Candler about the proposed improvements.