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October 6, 2017


A letter was hand delivered today to the owners of the B&I Public Marketplace stating that all critical public safety issues have been addressed and the city has deemed the building safe to occupy.

The building was shut down Aug. 16 due to public safety concerns. It reopened Thursday, Oct. 5.

After inspecting the building and the work done to bring the building up to code, Lakewood building officials, West Pierce Fire & Rescue representatives and officials from Tacoma Power and state Department of Labor and Industries concluded this week the building no longer posed a public safety hazard.  

The building was allowed to reopen with the condition that work continue to bring the remainder of the building into full compliance with state and local code. That work must be complete no later than April 9, 2018.

While the building is open, there are still some areas that are unsafe and will remain closed to the public until they are fixed.

As these areas are brought into compliance they will open.

After the closure, the building owner worked with local and state officials to ensure proper repairs were made to the building. That included hiring professional, licensed electrical contractors, fire protection engineers and architects to address the safety hazards identified.

City and fire officials recognize the impact the closure had on local businesses and worked with the building owner to expedite the inspection and permit process. The city will continue to work in partnership with the building owners in the coming months to bring the rest of the building into compliance.