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Dec. 18, 2017

In response to media inquiries surrounding the comments made by Mayor Don Anderson at the council's Dec, 4, 2017 regular meeting, as well as additional requests for comments from the Mayor today in light of the Amtrak train 501 derailment in the City of DuPont, the city has posted audio from the meeting below.

Due to the length of the meeting, the audio is an excerpt only of the Mayor's comments. Mayor Anderson was addressing representatives from the state Department of Transportation Rail division. They were David Smelser, WSDOT Rail Division ARRA Cascades HSR Program Manager, and Janet Matkin, Communications Director. Their voices are the other voices heard on the recording.

Listen to the recording.

Additional records requests were made for the lawsuit the city filed in March 2013 against WSDOT citing its concerns about the new train route through the city. The lawsuit and related documents are linked below. To see a full listing of every legal document filed in the case visit Pierce County's Legal Information Network Exchange (LINX).


Lakewood Petition for Judicial Review

WSDOT Answer

City of Lakewood's Motion for Summary Judgement

Declaration of M. David Bugher

WSDOT Response to motion for Summary Judgement

Declaration of Danielle Oliver

Lakewood's Response to WSDOT response

WSDOT reply in support of its cross-motion for summary judgement

Order granting summary judgement


Read the city's statement on the derailment.

Pierce County's information on the trail derailment.