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Last week Lakewood Police Chief Mike Zaro visited Tillicum Elementary School where he awarded three students with his newly-created Chief’s Commendation Award.

The award was created to recognize elementary school students for community service and/or public safety by demonstrating one of the four applicable criteria:

  • Integrity: honesty and strong moral principles
  • Dedication: commits energy and time to an important project or idea
  • Teamwork: works in an effective and efficient way with others
  • Courage: shows strength in the face of adversity
  • Competence: successfully and/or efficiently accomplishes a task or role
  • Respect: shows admiration or deference toward a person or position

Nominations can be made quarterly, or as opportunities arise.

The Tillicum students recognized for the award were presented with a certificate at a school assembly by Chief Zaro. The recipients were:

  • Isaac Corona-Illan, third grade: Teacher Mr. Carrier wrote: “Isaac has all of the six characteristics of this award stated above. He always tells the truth. Also will work hard on any project as an individual or as a positive team member. If faced with a difficult task, he will always persevere. Finally, respect is his strongest quality.”
  • Yanzel Diaz-Guzman, fourth grade: Teacher Ms. Sheldon wrote: Yanzel is a model student. He is respectful to every student and teacher. He is hard working and can work with any student when doing group work.”
  • Jermaine Marston-Riley, fifth grade: Teacher Mr. Pelgrim wrote: “Jermaine has all the above qualities and is an outstanding role model. He cares about staff and students.”

Congratulations to the students and keep up the hard work!