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Jan. 2, 2018

Starting tomorrow morning (Jan. 3, 2018) drivers traveling Steilacoom Boulevard at its intersection with Lakewood Drive will see additional signage reminding of the 20-mile-per-hour school zone.

The new signs are mounted on the traffic signal poles at the four-way signalized intersection and will illuminate only during school zone hours in the morning and afternoon. Their purpose is to remind drivers stopped at the light that the speed limit remains 20 mph through the school zone covering Lochburn Middle School, Harrison Preparatory School and Four Heroes Elementary.

After monitoring traffic through the intersection during school zone hours, the Lakewood Police Department saw that drivers at the red light often did not maintain the 20 mph speeds once the light turned green. Instead they returned to non-school zone speeds, even though they were still in the school zone.

More than a year ago Police Chief Mike Zaro brought the concern to the Public Works Department, and the departments worked together to come up with a plan to slow traffic.

The result was purchasing the signs to be posted at the intersection of the two busy arterials to remind drivers the school zone speed limit extends past the light.

Included with this project was the lengthening of the existing bracket holding the 20 mph school zone sign and flashing lights located on the north side of Steilacoom Boulevard next to the Echelon Apartments. This change makes the school zone sign and flashers more visible to drivers headed westbound, extending visibility to 400 feet before reaching the school zone.