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May 14, 2018


Project Description

Through this project, the City will construct curb, gutter and a 10 foot wide sidewalk along the easterly (lake) side of Gravelly Lake Drive starting just north of Washington Boulevard, extending north to Nyanza and a 6 foot wide sidewalk on the opposite side. Work also includes storm water conveyance system modifications and the installation of a complete roadway illumination system. The roadway pavement will also be fully reconstructed. 


Vegetation Removal

The project will extend approximately 5 feet beyond the existing pavement edge along the easterly (lake) side of the road. The westerly side extends to approximately the existing edge of pavement. This will require pruning of existing hedges within the right of way.  Most hedges will need to be pruned but will remain. The row of fir trees just south of Madera Drive has been determined to be compromised with root rot and will be removed.  


Construction Funding

Connecting Washington Grant (state fuel tax)                                           $2,390,000

City of Lakewood Storm Water Utility                                                         $445,000 

Total                                                                                                         $2,835,000



Construction is scheduled to begin May 16, 2018, and is expected to last approximately 6 months depending on weather. Typical working hours will be between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.. There may be occasions that work will occur during weekends to minimize traffic impacts. Night work is not anticipated due to the proximity to residences.


Traffic Impacts

It is anticipated that Gravelly Lake Drive will be limited to one lane of traffic northbound (toward downtown) with southbound detours in place. The southbound detour route will be Nyanza Road to Gravelly Lake Drive (long way around the lake). This will add approximately 1.25 miles of travel to reach Washington Boulevard from downtown. Signals will be timed to more effectively coordinate traffic volumes. Residents within the project area will be allowed access at all times but should expect delays. 


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