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Notice a bit of road work taking place throughout Lakewood? It’s not a coincidence if you answered “yes.”

In 2015-16, the City is conducting an unprecedented amount of transportation improvement projects that will make Lakewood safer and easier to navigate, whether you’re behind the wheel, on a bike or on foot.

Lakewood is making $23 million worth of improvements on some of its busiest thoroughfares.

“Lakewood is going to see the biggest amount of construction in the next two years than it has ever seen since incorporation,” said Desiree Winkler, Transportation Division Manager with the City.

Given the Northwest’s weather, much of the work will take place over the spring and summer months. Here is a breakdown of the work for Lakewood residents:


  • Pavement Preservation (Chip Seal Program)
  • Local streets within the Oakbrook 3rd Addition
  • Pavement Preservation (Asphalt Overlay)
  • Bridgeport Way (Pacific Highway to 112th Street)
  • Steilacoom Boulevard (Lakewood Drive to 300 feet west of South Tacoma Way)
  • Main Street (Gravelly Lake Drive to 108th Street)
  • 59th Avenue (100th Street to Bridgeport Way)
  • 108th Street (Main Street to Bridgeport Way)
  • Sewer Projects
  • Woodbrook Sewer Project
  • Total worth: $14.9 million


  • Pavement Preservation (Chip Seal Program)
  • Local streets within the Oakbrook 3rd Addition Phase II
  • Pavement Preservation (Asphalt Overlay)
  • Lakewood drive (100th Street to Steilacoom Boulevard)
  • Street and Sidewalk Improvements
  • South Tacoma Way (Steilacoom Boulevard to 88th Street)
  • Gravelly Lake Drive (100th Street to Bridgeport Way)
  • Steilacoom Boulevard (Western State Hospital to Lakeview Avenue)
  • Design for Steilacoom Boulevard (Farwest Drive to Phillips Road)
  • Total worth: $8 million

Winkler said she understands that the road work is causing some headaches for drivers and residents, as it is can cause periodic delays and lane closures. But she said she hopes that residents remember the headaches are temporary, and the benefit to the Lakewood community will be worth it.

“We just ask that people pack their patience,” Winkler said. “Slow down and give ‘em a brake. They’re doing some great work for the community.”

To learn more about Lakewood’s transportation projects, check out this YouTube video  .