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The City of Lakewood Parks Department hosted multiple Park Appreciation Day projects at several park sites on April 22. One hundred and eighty nine (189) volunteers donated 756  hours of time/labor to complete projects at six park sites including Fort Steilacoom Park, American Lake Park , Wards Lake Park , Lakewood Community Garden , Springbrook Park , and the South Puget Sound Wild Life Area .  

All of the projects designed for Parks Appreciation Day were completed and included:

  • Playground renovation
  • Spreading trail and playground chips
  • Pulling weeds
  • Laying 120 yards of mulch/topsoil; planting flowers
  • Building compost bins
  • Building garden plots
  • Removing scotchbroom
  • Cleaning out swimming area/beach
  • Placing markers in the historic FSP cemetery
  • Cleaning in the dog park
  • General park maintenance.

This is another example of why we live by the following hashtag-inspired motto: #Iamlakewood

Here is the full list of volunteer work completed by park:

  • Fort Steilacoom Park (95 volunteers)
    • Pulled scotch broom from the walking trail and the dog park
    • Laid 20 yards of bark and weeded the flowerbeds
    • Set 30 new headstones in the cemetery
    • Picked up garbage, rocks, and debris from the dog park
    • Pressure washed the playground and swing set
    • Packed play chips in the common fall zones
  • Lakewood Community Garden (18 volunteers)
    • Dedicated gate and plaque
    • Weeded beds and put in new soil
    • Topped the area with wood mulch
    • Built new compost bins
    • Laid 20 yards of bark
  • Springbrook Park (15 volunteers_
    • Spread 20 yards of top soil
    • Built new garden bed plots
    • Picked up general garbage
    • Weeded the entire park
  • Wards Lake Park (39 volunteers)
    • Laid 60 yards of wood chips on the trails
    • Weeded flowerbeds
    • Repaired split rail fencing
  • American Lake Park (20 volunteers)

    • Worked on improving the trails
    • Weeded the park
    • Worked on an oak tree restoration project
  • South Puget Sound Wildlife Area (2 volunteers)
    • Worked on improving the trails
    • Weeded the park
    • Worked on an oak tree restoration project

Preliminary Total Number of volunteers: 189

Total Number of Volunteer Hours: 756