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On Saturday Oct. 17 , the City of Lakewood will throw the hay-riding, tricked-trucking, pumpkin-picking party known as the 9thAnnual Truck and Tractor Day .

The always-popular event runs from noon to 3 p.m., at Fort Steilacoom Park. As its name implies, there will be trucks. There will be tractors. There will also be plenty of other reasons Truck and Tractor Day will be a great experience for you and the family. Here are eight of our favorites:

Pumpkin Picking

What is the best part of October? The pumpkins, of course. The City knows this, which is why kids who attend will take home a free pumpkin while supplies last.  Volunteers will help carve the gourds and provide decorations for children to adorn their pumpkins. Kids will also get free hard hat. Get there early!

A Smashing Gourd Time

In Lakewood, we have a favorite fall tradition: We like to smash things to bits. This year, you can take control of our pumpkin-chunkin’ launchers and blast those pumpkins across Fort Steilacoom Park, just like they used to do in the ol’ days. (Note: We have yet to confirm with the Lakewood Historical Society whether this actually happened in the ol’ days, but for convenience sake we’ll assume it did).

Hit the Hay

Enjoy free hayrides through Fort Steilacoom Park. This 340-acre gem is the largest in the City and a regional attraction. Enjoy a trip around Lake Waughop with the fall leaves crunching underneath those tractor tires.

Trucks, Trucks, and More Trucks

Clean trucks. Dirty trucks. Milk trucks. Box trucks. You name it, Truck and Tractor Day will likely have it. The rigs will be right there for you to climb, although we strongly advise against trying to take one home as a souvenir. (And no, we don’t care if Jay Buhner  sent you or not)

Halloween Doughnut Game

If you have ever tasted the delicious doughnuts from Lakewood’s own Original House of Doughnuts, you won’t want to miss this game where you try to eat the doughnut, with your hands behind your back, while it dangles from a string! It’s a whole new twist on eating treats!

Let Me Take a Selfie

Attention all lovers of the selfie – Truck and Tractor Day will be the canvas to your selfie masterpieces. Instagram next to a big rig? Check. Tweetpic with a tractor? Check. #LookAtMeDrivingThisCementTruck? Oh yeah. Check. Children can get their face painted for a memorable photo op, too! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #IamLakewood.

Get Lost … in Fort Steilacoom Park

The park is huge. Not only will your kids love climbing on tractors, going on hayrides, decorating pumpkins and wearing their hard hats, but they’ll also love the playground, crafts from the Children’s Museum of Tacoma, fresh air and the flat grass that looks like something out of the Sound of Music. With all that excitement, they’ll be asleep by dinner time. You’re welcome, parents.

“F” to the “R” to the Double “E”

Did we mention that this whole event is free? As in, no cost. Nada. Just come down to the park with your friends and family and enjoy. Truck and Tractor Day is one of the most popular community events of the year, so we hope to see you there. Remember, last one to the pumpkin patch is a rotten, um, pumpkin!