Emergency Shelter Volunteer

Emergency Shelter Volunteer Recruitment

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something

When large groups of people are temporarily displaced from their homes in a disaster situation, it may be necessary to effectively and sensitively manage their needs in an emergency shelter. Over the past year, the City of Lakewood has been committed to the development of an emergency sheltering program and is currently seeking volunteers willing to be trained to serve their community in a crisis.

The City is in the process of developing a comprehensive plan for repair and recovery in the event of a disaster of any kind.  Click here for more Disaster Preparedness information.

  • FEMA Telephone Information (800) 462-9029
  • Disaster Information Hotline 800) 525-0321

For more information on emergency preparedness visit the Red Cross website, the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management website, or the FEMA’s Ready.Gov

Other Useful Numbers

  • Pierce County Public Works
    (253) 581-6990
  • West Pierce Fire & Rescue
    (253) 582-4600

City of Lakewood

  • Public Works
    (253) 732-8003
  • Traffic Signals
    (253) 377-8667
  • Storm Debris
    (253) 377-6759

Public Utilities

  • Lakeview Light & Power
    (253) 584-6060
  • Puget Sound Energy
    (888) 225-5733
  • Lakewood Water District
    (253) 588-4423
  • Centurylink Communications
    (253) 597-6113
  • Comcast Cable
    (253) 864-4293