Get involved through Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Teams

You can also become a member of PC-NET (Pierce County Neighborhood Emergency Team). PC-NET is a neighborhood-oriented approach to emergency preparedness and homeland security. It is based on the belief that a cooperative effort between government and its citizens is the only sure way to protect a neighborhood and to prepare for a major disaster. If individuals and their neighborhoods are prepared to mutually assist each other, lives can be saved, property can be spared, and emergency services can be freed to respond to the most devastated areas. This will be accomplished by organizing block groups into a variety of disaster response teams, each of which has a simple one-page list that clearly outlines necessary tasks. No special skills or equipment are required to participate – and only a minimal time commitment is needed. To find out more contact Barbara Nelson at the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management, (253) 798-2168.

Other Useful Numbers

  • Pierce County Public Works
    (253) 581-6990
  • West Pierce Fire & Rescue
    (253) 582-4600

City of Lakewood

  • Public Works
    (253) 732-8003
  • Traffic Signals
    (253) 377-8667
  • Storm Debris
    (253) 377-6759

Public Utilities

  • Lakeview Light & Power
    (253) 584-6060
  • Puget Sound Energy
    (888) 225-5733
  • Lakewood Water District
    (253) 588-4423
  • Centurylink Communications
    (253) 597-6113
  • Comcast Cable
    (253) 864-4293