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Few things are guaranteed for small, independent business owners.

But in the case of Lakewood’s Diamond Designs Unlimited – where each piece of jewelry is unique and crafted to the finest quality - owner Shawn Luvaas keeps a promise for new and longtime customers.

It’s a promise that has helped Diamond Designs build and maintain a loyal following for nearly 25 years.

“I guarantee you’ll see something you’ve never seen before,” he said recently during a break from a steady trickle of walk-ins.

For years, customers walked through Diamond Designs’ doors at 6111 100th St. SW, Ste A, looking to purchase an array of unique jewelry showcasing loose diamonds, pearls, gems and other sparkling, colorful centerpieces. It also repairs and appraises jewelry. In fact, Luvaas has performed more than 27,000 jewelry repairs in his lifetime.

From the mundane to the exciting, Diamond Designs can boast that it’s one of the best jewelry stores in the South Sound, and one of the only ones to win awards for its designs.

Luvaas is a Tacoma native whose grandfather built homes and father was a jewelry store manager. In opening his first store, Luvaas considered locating in nearby Tacoma but recognized the need for a small, quality, independent store in Lakewood.

The general business approach he still adheres to today? Price. Quality. Honesty. In other words, Luvaas sells “white-collar jewelry to blue-collar people.”

Something visitors will not likely find at Diamond Designs is the same type of cookie-cutter creations typical of a mall jewelry store. That’s because Luvaas doesn’t subscribe to those kinds of products. Instead, he regularly updates his unique selections.  He also works with customers who have conceptualized a piece of jewelry and want to turn that idea into reality.

“I've had people bring in napkins from Denny's, a napkin that they’ve sketched something on, asking ‘Can you make something like this?’ I told that person, ‘Yes.’”

One of the main reasons for Luvaas’ 25 years in business is his customers. “I think one of the best things about being a small business is that 95 percent of the people that walk in are nice people,” he said. “Maybe that says something about Lakewood.”

These days, Luvaas and Rita, his life partner, operate the store. His daughters, Danielle and Sarah, have also played a role in Diamond Designs’ success.

Speaking of Lakewood, Luvaas says he has seen the community grow and change, and he is appreciative of the efforts by the City of Lakewood to connect to its small, independent businesses.

For its commitment and success, the City of Lakewood recognizes Diamond Designs Unlimited as its July 2016 Business Showcase.