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Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital was started in 1971 by Dr Max Flockerzie who lived and worked in the Lakewood area. Dr Max worked with military dogs as an army veterinarian in South Korea before starting his practice in Lakewood. Dr Peter Yantorni, also a local resident, came on as a partner shortly after the practice was started. The veterinary hospital began as a small operation located at 7521 Bridgeport Way with a following of clients willing to entrust their non-verbal family members to the doctors. The pet-owning residents of Lakewood began to notice the good work of the hospital. Their reward for good work was a committed patronage-- and more work. As their reputation has grown, so has the size of their hospital; the Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital moved to a larger building at 7210 Bridgeport Way Way in 2001. They employ a staff of roughly thirty people, with three doctors seeing several dozen patients every day. Their services have grown to support the needs of their clients, and they offer wellness care, comprehensive dental care, and integrative medicine including acupuncture and massage.

Compassion and empathy. Dr Yantorni and Dr Flockerzie believe their hospital’s mission is to help people care for their pets. Attentive, caring service starts with employing quality veterinary doctors; ones equipped with kindness, knowledge and experience. A veterinary hospital needs a healthy workplace environment-- one that is supportive, that celebrates talents, and that takes joy in the contributions made by each member. These are the requisite criteria to be able to help clientele. It allows staff to be compassionate under stressful conditions, even life-or-death situations, where the options seem limited in number. Clients can rely on doctors to come up with solutions, either in-house or through partnering with specialists.

With animals, as with people, preservation begins with shelter from fear. Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital believes in delivering fear-free veterinary services to the public. Hospitals can induce anxiety in most creatures; the Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital takes steps to decrease anxiety. They recommend local trainers and behavioral specialists to clients, to reinforce positive habits with their pets. Structural divides and dedicated entries separate dogs and cats from each other, to avoid instinctual urges to fight or flee. The staff extends comfort to animals, to make the visiting room less tense. Sometimes it’s as simple as cat nip, music, pheromones, or warm blankets for old bones. This detail is a component part of a larger holistic approach to emotional and mental health.

Preventative health services. Holism, as a guiding principle, asks healthcare professionals to consider the upstream determinants of being. They use specialized preventative care to keep pets healthier longer. Part of that is supporting good oral hygiene. Another is informing healthy nutrition and dietary habits. The hospital offers pet annual wellness (PAW) plans, which allow for discounted care towards basic preventative services, smoothing out the costs of maintaining positive health over a longer period of time. They also offer bathing and boarding on a needs basis for their patients. These services all go to support stronger teeth, illustrious coats, bright eyes, and big smiles.

For their dedication to healthier pets and happier families, the City of Lakewood recognizes the Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital with the business showcase award for January 2017.