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In 2014 Lakewood resident Shirley Ritter decided it was time to bring a little whimsy to her city. That’s when she relocated The Fairy Store from Tumwater to its current home at 2202 84th Street.

In the process she not only brought a one of a kind business to the city, she also built an enchanted realm complete with a Fairy Godmother and fairy dust.


Intricate statues of fairies, garden gnomes, handmade houses and signs and miniatures now fill the space that was once a chain restaurant. Outside hummingbird feeders hang above a colorful landscape dotted with fairy statues.

At The Fairy Store serenity fills the air. Chirping birds and trickling water play on the speakers; bright yellow walls greet visitors as they maneuver through tastefully decorated shelves.

The Fairy Store offers something for everyone, whether a repeat customer or someone who wanders in unexpectedly.  And what’s available in store is only a fraction of what’s for sale on the website .

“Not everybody is into fairies, but many, many people are into something mythical,” Ritter said.

Mermaids, unicorns, dragons and “anything with pretty wings” can be found at the store or online.

A retired neonatal nurse, when Ritter purchased the business she swapped swaddling babies for a new role: Fairy Godmother.

She has made the online destination for all things fairy.

“We ship all over the world to countries that I never knew existed,” Ritter said.

Gifts are wrapped with tissue paper and sealed with a hand tied bow. A small sprinkle of fairy dust is the final touch before the package embarks on its journey.

“They appreciate the individual touch and I love providing it,” Ritter said. “We’re not a big box store. We’re unique.”

That uniqueness is reflected in the items for sale, which include a number of locally made items like fairy doors which are said to draw the attention of “fantastical fairy folk” who will use the doors to make “pilgrimages to and from the different realms of Fairyland.” There’s also how to guides for building your own fairy garden.

As she looked around the store on a recent weekday afternoon the fairy dust on her face sparkled under the lights. Ritter smiled at what she has built.

“I never dreamed I’d one day be a Fairy Godmother,” she said.

As a one of a kind, locally owned business in Lakewood the Lakewood City Council recognizes The Fairy Store as its July 2017 Business Showcase.