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If you’re looking for the best flavors of the South and the Orient without having to travel to faraway lands, this is the place to be. Pouring their hearts and souls into this establishment is what they do, and it shows.

Walter (Walt) Johnson, founder, partner and inventive cook has a rich history of serving the stars and service members. Walt served in the Merchant Marines for seven years, cooked for the West Point crew and Sealift/Airlift Commander, the Sonics and the Commodores. He also owned the Creole Café in New Orleans and is a graduate of the Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship. He learned to cook at an early age from his great grandmother but he is also quick to share the credit with his equally talented partners. One of his partners, known as “Best Jamaican Cook,” is touted as the best cook from here to Brooklyn. He brings unique and traditional Jamaican dishes to the mix. Walt’s other partner is in charge of delivery and purchasing.

Cornbread Pie
(Walt’s secret recipe) not found anywhere else in Washington state
Some of the tasty treats you’ll find here are rare dishes like Ackee and Saltfish, a traditional Jamaican dish, Crab over Gumbo and Brown Stew Fish. They also serve Pho, a wide variety of rice and noodle dishes, seafood, meats and vegetarian dishes including tofu. Compliment these delectable dishes with Bubble Tea, coconut juice, Peanut Punch, Jamaican Ginger Beer, or fresh mango juice. And be sure to bring the kids to this family-friendly restaurant. Eat in, carry out, or have your events catered. The food is always prepared with fresh

ingredients and no MSG.

It’s clear that this trio cares deeply for their neighbors by hiring neighborhood kids that need work. They donate to several local charities and are always looking for more ways to help out. Working closely with a neighboring church, they served over 170 free meals during the holidays to hungry families. Their philosophy of engaging the

neighborhood makes for a great community and a better life for all.

Green Coconut Tree
8813 Edgewater Dr. SW #102  

(253) 473-4444