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Economic Development Manager

In 1980, two teens from Boise, Idaho - Brian Lloyd and Paul Heist - set out to make a few bucks. Armed with a knife and 50 cases of oranges, grapefruit and apples, they drove around residential neighborhoods selling fruit. When that proved less than fruitful, they decided to approach businesses. First were banks - They would scan perspective buyers, trying to find the one person who would buy first. Brian and Paul knew that if they could make this one sale, everyone else would follow. With the help of Paul’s dad, they were able to buy a 20 foot trailer with foldout sides and legs (they used for tables), and 500 cases of oranges. H&L Produce was born.

That next winter, they traveled to Ontario, Idaho. Starting at one end of town - Paul on one side of the street and Brian on the other - they sold door to door. By the time they worked their way to Spokane they were sold out. They then purchased another 500 cases from a wholesaler, chose a different route, and sold all the way home. The process took about two weeks and the boys made about $5000. During the summer the two would purchase their boxes of fruit and set up at different spots. Back then, they purchased a box for $7.50 and sold it for $15, selling 100’s of boxes per week.

When you walk into Davinci Salon and Spa in Lakewood you feel immediately welcomed in this impeccably clean and tastefully designed space.

Owner Sunny Galaviz takes creativity and customer service personally! Sunny attended Korean beauty school in 1989/90. She recalls watching her mother style hair as a child and she discovered her natural ability for creative styling herself. In the early 90’s the family emigrated from Korea to New York for work. Sunny continued her education while working as a bookkeeper. In 1992 she moved with her husband to Lacey, completed schooling and landed her first job in her field.

Honored in 2008 as one of the Top 50 Glaziers by Glass Magazine and as a Top 20 Glazing Contractor by U.S. Glass, Metal & Glazing in 2011, Sound Glass is at the top of their game. These are two of many awards received by this nationally recognized glass and glazing company. Providing solid customer service and solutions for every client is what they do best. No job is too small or too big. If it can be done, they will figure a way to make it happen.

Sound Glass is one of the few union shops that serve both residential and commercial customers in the region. Trained technicians are AAMA certified, safety comes first, and employees enjoy great benefits. This talented and caring team of 40+ installers and 20+ other skilled team members on staff, can complete any job.

Delores Canté, owner and designated broker for 5 Star here in Lakewood provides more than just rental homes. She gives property owners and tenant families and individuals a sense of place, dignity and security.

As a former banker who financed commercial real estate of all types, Delores worked with many property managers. She thought she would like to do that. In 2009, she decided to take on the challenge of starting her own business. Not being a licensed broker at that time, she had to go through a rigorous amount of studying in order to successfully pass the test on the first time around. Once licensed, she visited with the South Sound Women’s Business Center who helped her write her first 42 page business plan, originally for commercial leasing.

If you’re looking for the best flavors of the South and the Orient without having to travel to faraway lands, this is the place to be. Pouring their hearts and souls into this establishment is what they do, and it shows.

Walter (Walt) Johnson, founder, partner and inventive cook has a rich history of serving the stars and service members. Walt served in the Merchant Marines for seven years, cooked for the West Point crew and Sealift/Airlift Commander, the Sonics and the Commodores. He also owned the Creole Café in New Orleans and is a graduate of the Seafarers Harry Lundeberg School of Seamanship. He learned to cook at an early age from his great grandmother but he is also quick to share the credit with his equally talented partners. One of his partners, known as “Best Jamaican Cook,” is touted as the best cook from here to Brooklyn. He brings unique and traditional Jamaican dishes to the mix. Walt’s other partner is in charge of delivery and purchasing.