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Economic Development Manager


Lakewood is home to nearly 60,000 residents and 3,400 businesses. Our community is 19 square miles in size (17.2 land/1.8 water), with a population density of 3200.

Current Development Projects as of April 1, 2017

2016 Permit Acitivity - Commercial, Pre-Applications, Registered New Home Occupation Businesses, New Single Family Residences, Adult Family Homes

Priority Areas, and Projects, Winter Quarter 2017

Economic Development Update to City Council 8 August 2016

Economic Development Incentives                                                                                 

Economic Development Update January 2015

2015 New Residential Construction                                                                                         

Recruitment Brochure - Lakewood is the choice for businesses that are looking to prosper and grow.

Retail Market Analysis Reports

Central Business District Retail Market Analysis February 28, 2017

Pacific Highway Retail Leakage Analysis March 21, 2016


Demographics Reports (2015)


Consumer Expenditure Reports (2015)


Retail Leakage (2015)


Financial Assistance , Techical Assistance , and General Business Assistance

Target Areas for Development