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Most City Sponsored Events may be found on this calendar.

Additional events from the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce may be found here:

Date Title Venue
02-01-2013 - 02-28-2013 February is Spay Day 2013 -
02-06-2013 PSAC Meeting Lakewood Police Department
02-09-2013 Tea with Abigail & Elizabeth Casey Fort Steilacoom Park
02-13-2013 - 02-13-2013 Operation ID Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Campus
02-18-2013 Presidents Day Lakewood Police Department
02-22-2013 - 03-17-2013 The Woman in Black Lakewood Playhouse
03-04-2013 Public Hearing for Proposed 6-Year TIP Amendment Lakewood City Hall
03-06-2013 PSAC Meeting Pierce County Emergency Operations Center
03-12-2013 Lakewood Toastmasters Open House Lakewood City Hall
03-16-2013 Military Swap Meet & Display Fort Steilacoom Park
03-19-2013 Women in Aviation: Then and Now St Mary's Episcopal Church
03-20-2013 Preventing Cyber Crime & Business Identity Theft Lakewood City Hall
04-06-2013 PSAC Meeting Pierce County Emergency Operations Center
04-10-2013 Garden Soil 101 Lakewood City Hall
04-19-2013 - 05-12-2013 The Rainmaker Lakewood Playhouse
04-19-2013 School Visitation Day Fort Steilacoom Park
04-20-2013 Parks Appreciation Day -
04-20-2013 Living History Open House Fort Steilacoom Park
05-01-2013 PSAC Meeting Lakewood Police Department
05-08-2013 Your Summer Vegetable Garden Lakewood City Hall
05-18-2013 Armed Forces Day at JBLM -
05-18-2013 Clean Up Day Lakewood City Hall
05-18-2013 Lakewood Internation Festival Honoring South Korea Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Campus
05-26-2013 Memorial Day Weekend Fort Steilacoom Park
05-29-2013 Boots @ Carrs Carr's Restaurant
06-04-2013 - 09-27-2013 Pierce College featuring Justin Jensen "Texture and Being" Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Campus
06-05-2013 PSAC Meeting Lakewood Police Department
06-08-2013 Annual Rhodie Deadhead Work Party Lakewold Gardens
06-09-2013 Maritime Place Names for Inland Waters Fort Steilacoom Park
06-12-2013 - 06-16-2013 Rainier League of Arts Lakewold Gardens
06-12-2013 Garden Bugs, Plant Disease & Non-Toxic Alternatives in the Garden Lakewood City Hall
06-14-2013 - 07-14-2013 The Importance of Being Earnest Lakewood Playhouse
06-17-2013 Meet and Greet - City Manager Candidates Clover Park Technical College's Sharon McGavick Ce
06-18-2013 Picnic in the Park Fort Steilacoom Park
06-19-2013 Discovery Walks Lakewold Gardens
06-20-2013 Second City Chamber Series Lakewold Gardens
07-03-2013 PSAC Meeting Lakewood Police Department
07-10-2013 Summer Harvesting then Planning and Planting Your Fall Garden Lakewood City Hall
07-13-2013 - 07-14-2013 SummerFEST Fort Steilacoom Park
07-16-2013 History and Tour of American Lake VA Hospital VA Hospital
07-17-2013 Discovery Walks Lakewold Gardens
07-18-2013 Second City Chamber Series Lakewold Gardens
07-20-2013 - 07-21-2013 Little Mermaid Lakewood Playhouse
07-20-2013 Dog-a-Thon Fort Steilacoom Park
07-26-2013 - 08-04-2013 Suessical Jr - The Musical Lakewood Playhouse
07-27-2013 Beauty and the Beast Lakewood Playhouse
07-31-2013 Pierce County Heritage League Tour of the Washington State Hospital Cemetery Fort Steilacoom Park
08-03-2013 Wizard of Oz in the Wild West Lakewood Playhouse
08-06-2013 - 08-06-2013 National Night Out -
08-06-2013 National Night Out -

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