Art in Lakewood

Veteran's Memorial

You cannot think of Lakewood and NOT think of the contributions and sacrifices of our military members, neighbors in good standing for many decades. This multi-metal sculpture salutes current and future veterans of service to our country, all branches of our armed services here depicted. And they, in turn, salute back from their position in art as in life, surrounding and protecting our world.

The Fire -- Transpire

Symbolically reaching for the sky, this magnificent multi-part bronze graces the point of arrival -or departure- to Lakewood. Interpreted both as reminiscent of the campfires of the pioneers who first settled our prairie land and as a symbol of growth, vitality, and ambitions of our young city, there is magic in this sculpture. Hint: you need to view this piece at different times of day, in different lights.

Obey the Signs

The signs are right at your feet - literally!! - giving you commands and comments to enrich your path. Brightly colored ceramic tiles, brought to you by the Lakewood Arts Commission, are set along walkways in Lakewood to make you think, make you smile, and maybe even obey the directions.

Flanegan Wall

By all appearances this retaining wall is a bas-relief sculpture composed of Northwest imagery, beginning with an evergreen forest. Depth and design create a different look to the wall in different lighting, renewing the images day to day. Here we have an amazing example of stamped concrete transformed into art. Never has concrete looked so good!

American Lake Veterans' Hospital [Golf Course]

With upraised wings, this American icon stands ready to defend or befriend, as the visage is both fierce and benevolent, most fitting for this aerie at our Veterans' Hospital. It requires a close look and a leap of faith to understand that this statue is carved from a single fir tree trunk. The detailing has been embellished with paint as this mighty bird greets his brothers and sisters in service.

Lakewood Veterinary Hospital

Here's "fir" of a different sort for a veterinary location. Man's Best Friend sits patiently for a human playmate to toss his stick for a game of fetch. Ironically, the statue is just that, a "stick", a fir stump carved by Bob King into a lovable pal for all ages to enjoy. Patient and lovable, this good dog greets all passers with a charming gaze.

Tsutakawa Lily Fountain

Without water this would be a statue, the metal forged into clean and simple lines reminiscent of very ancient Japanese floral patterns. Add water and the magic happens; add a breeze and the water patterns change even more. Happily, benches surround the fountain for contemplative viewing.