Human Services Funding Advisory Board

On March 5, 2007, the Lakewood City Council, by Ordinance, established the Human Services Funding Advisory Board that would consist of nine members of the community, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council, to serve for a term of three (3) years. The role of the Human Services Funding Advisory Board is to conduct public hearing regarding allocations of human services funds and programs and make recommendations for funding; ensure the most fair distribution and most effective use of human services resources consistent with adopted priorities and criteria; encourage partnerships in the funding and provision of human services; request periodic strengths and needs assessments and program outcome evaluations to determine the direction of human services most beneficial to the City; and integrate human services policy into overall City policy development.

The following citizens currently comprise the Human Services Funding Advisory Board:

  • Mary Green, Chair
  • Julie Washburn, Vice-Chair
  • Bruce Banfield
  • Susan Hart
  • Mary Bohn
  • Christine Turner
  • Paula Renz
  • Amy Nelson
  • Harvey Queen

For information on serving on this Board, please contact the : (253) 983-7756