Planning Advisory Board


Ordinance No. 14 - 11/20/95


Assist City staff in preparing a comprehensive plan in accordance with State law for Council consideration and adoption. Recommend to the City Council such changes, amendments or additions to the comprehensive plan as deemed desirable not more than once per year. Recommend to t he City Council land use and zoning regulations and other development regulations as deemed necessary and/or appropriate. Act as the research and fact finding agency of the City in regard to land uses, housing, capital facilities, utilities, transportation, and in regard to classification of lands as agriculture, forest, mineral lands, critical areas, wetlands and geologically hazardous areas. Undertake surveys, analyses, research and reports as may be generally authorized or requested by the City Council. Cooperate with planning agencies of other cities and counties, to include regional planning agencies, in furtherance of such research and planning.

Annually provide to the City Council a report on progress made in implementing the goals and requirements of State law and on the status of land use policies and procedures within the city.


Residents of the city of Lakewood

7 members


Majority of the members of the Board


Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City Council

Terms of office

Five (5) year terms until appointment of successor member


  • One (1) member - five (5) year term
  • Two (2) members - four (4) year terms
  • Two (2) members - three (3) year terms
  • Two (2) members - two (2) year terms


Residents of the city of Lakewood



Meeting date(s)

Once a month through 1997. Thereafter regular meetings shall be held at least once every two months.

For further information

Contact Community Development at (253) 589-2489