Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee


The role of the Citizens’ Transportation Advisory Committee is to:

  1. Advise the City Council, the City Manager and City staff in connection with transportation related issues as may be referred to the Committee by the City Council which may include:
    1. Facilitate cooperation and coordination with the Public Works Department of the City on street, public works and transportation and infrastructure related projects and plans,
    2. Identify, evaluate and recommend to the City Council, City Manager and/or City staff policies and projects for the City, annual update of its Six-Year Transportation Plan, and for other transportation and infrastructure planning purpose of the City,
    3. Recommend ways and means of obtaining private, local county, state or federal funds for promotion of transportation and infrastructure facilities of the City, and
    4. Advise the City Council on acquisition, replacement and maintenance of transportation and infrastructure facilities of the City, and
    5. Advise the City as to the manner that public information on street related projects can best be disseminated, given the nature and/or scope of the projects.
  2. Advise the City Council regarding transportation related facilities, needs and programs of the City, as may be referred by the City Council.


Members shall be residents of the City unless the Council finds that appointment of a non-resident, by virtue of business involvement or expertise, will benefit the Committee and ultimately the City. Members shall be appointed from among members of the public to include, to the extent reasonably possible, citizens having a background in engineering, public works or a background of a similar nature and from neighborhoods throughout the City.


Individuals appointed are expected to attend meetings regularly. The Council expects to be informed in the event any Committee, Board or Commission member has three unexcused absences. The Council, may in the event of three unexcused absences, dismiss the individual from service.


Adhere to City of Lakewood’s Code of Ethics, regular attendance at meetings, mutual respect among members, good listener, and flexible.

Meeting Times & Location

Fourth Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., City Hall




Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

Terms of Office

3 year terms.


Applications are available at:
Lakewood City Hall
City Clerk’s Office
6000 Main Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98499
(253) 589-2489