Civil Service

The City of Lakewood Civil Service Commission is responsible for the adoption and enforcement of rules and regulations of personnel matters for the Police Department. The Commission conducts monthly meetings and hearings as needed, to adopt and amend rules, certify eligibility lists, approve entry level and promotional examinations and hear and determine appeals arising from the administration of the rules.

Civil Service Commissioners and Staff

Dennis Roden, Commission Chair
David N. Boyd, Commissioner
Bonnie Boyle, Commissioner
Mary Pandrea, Secretary & Chief Examiner


The Commissioners are appointed for a six year term by the City Manager

Regular Meeting Date

First Thursday of each month, at 9:00 a.m. in the Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main Street S.W. unless there is no pending business requiring Commission action.

Civil Service Rules

The Civil Service Commission is governed by the Civil Service Rules and Regulations .

Civil Service Recruitments

The Civil Service Commission approves and oversees the testing of full time employment opportunities with the City of Lakewood Police department .

Position Listings

  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Lateral/Experienced Police Officer
  • Entry Level Police Officer
  • Community Service Officer
  • Sr. Animal Control Officer
  • Animal Control Officer
  • Crime Analyst
  • Evidence Supervisor
  • Evidence Custodian
  • Sr. Office Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Court Compliance Officer
  • Fleet Maintenance Coordinator

Job announcements for Civil Service positions will include pertinent information including salary range, working conditions, and requirements, as well as the closing date. Civil Service applicants will receive formal notification throughout the examination process.

Lateral Police Officer (Experienced)

Lateral Police Officer requires prior experience and/or training as specified in the position description. Applications are screened for minimum qualifications and eligibility requirements. Applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be invited to participate in oral board interviews based on application date; as the need arises.

Candidates who successfully complete all phases of the examination process are ranked on a continuous eligibility list. The Civil Service Commission certifies the eligibility list each time new names are merged onto the current list. A candidate’s name may remain on the list for a period of one year without exception.

Support Personnel

The examination process for Support Personnel is similar to the process identified under General Information For Applicants.

Top finalists who complete and pass all phases of the examination process are ranked on an eligibility list. The Commission certifies eligibility lists for a period of one year and it can be extended for two terms of six months each upon request of the appointing authority.