Internship Opportunities

The City of Lakewood’s Legal Department has two opportunities for internship, a Rule 9 Program and a Paralegal Internship Program.

Rule 9 Program

Rule 9 of the Admission to Practice Rules (APR) grants a limited license to practice law under the supervision of an attorney for law students and recent law school graduates.

The applicant must be a student enrolled and in good academic standing at an approved law school or in the Law Clerk Program and have completed two-thirds of a three-year program or five-eighths of a four-year program. Law school graduates may apply up to nine months after graduation from an approved law school or the Law Clerk Program.

The scope of practice of a Rule 9 can be found in APR 9(c). If the function you want to perform is not in APR 9, you should assume that you are not permitted to do it. Questions about scope of practice should generally be referred to the court having jurisdiction over the matter.

If you are interested in applying for a Rule 9 internship, contact your law school for the current posting information.

Paralegal Intern Program

The City of Lakewood’s City Attorneys Office developed and established a Paralegal Intern Program in 2006. Through the Paralegal Intern Program, the City of Lakewood Legal Department has the ability to expose paralegal students to both civil and criminal law practices, and well as municipal and administrative law issues. The program accepts paralegal studies students from Pierce College, Tacoma Community College and the University of Washington –Tacoma. The program consists of 150 hours of one-on-one training on the following topics and procedures:

  • Discuss Makeup of City of Lakewood Government
  • Role/Responsibilities of City Manager, City Council, Department Directors, City Attorney
  • Explain Council/Manager form of Government and why it is important to the City Attorney’s Office
  • Organizational Chart
  • In-depth discussion of City Attorney’s office and the Nature of the Attorney Client Relationship
  • Civil Division- Roles and Responsibilities
  • Criminal Division – Roles and Responsibilities
  • In-depth discussion of City Attorney’s Office values, professionalism, teamwork and communication building exercises, personal accountability and Department accountability/liability for actions
  • Units covered
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Administrative Law and Procedure
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Claims and Litigation
  • RALJ Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Skills Developed
  • Legal Research, RCW’s and WAC’s & Use of LEXIS
  • Document Control and Organization
  • Drafting Legal Documents to Include Court Rules, Standards and when they are used
  • Various forms of Memoranda and when to use what form
  • Correspondence
  • Legal Ethics

The program was developed by Cynthia Wright, Paralegal for the City of Lakewood, who also administers the training. Cynthia has over fourteen years of paralegal experience in the public sector, as well as over thirty years of Criminal Justice Services employment experience. Assistant City Attorney Kimberly Cox oversees the Paralegal Intern Program.

To Apply for the City of Lakewood Paralegal Internship Program

The City of Lakewood requests a cover letter and resume be sent VIA e-mail to Kimberly Cox at . If the student is a candidate, they are invited in for an interview with the Assistant City Attorney and Paralegal.

We take one intern per school quarter, and request that the intern be in their last quarter of college before graduation with a Paralegal Degree. We have found that this requirement affords the student the necessary background to come in and quickly assume a caseload.

For additional information, please contact Kimberly Cox at (253) 983-7755.