Municipal Court

Serving the Cities of Lakewood & University Place and Town of Steilacoom

General Description

The Municipal Court is a Court of Limited Jurisdiction that hears criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors, infractions, parking and photo infraction violations that occur in the Cities of Lakewood and University Place.

The Municipal Court does not hear small claims cases or civil cases, change names or issue marriage licenses. Please contact Pierce County District Court at (253) 798-7474 for more information.

Court proceedings are open to the public and accessible to individuals using wheelchairs. Parties interested in viewing hearings should contact the court to verify session times.

Please be aware that the courtroom is not an appropriate place for children.

Municipal Court

Welcome Judge Grant Blinn!!

Grant Blinn is the newly appointed Judge for the Municipal Court Serving Lakewood, University Place, and Steilacoom. His term began January 1, 2014 and ends December 31, 2017.

Judge Blinn brings more than two decades of legal and public safety experience to the Court, including the past 17 years with the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, where he most recently served as Homicide Chief. Prior to that, he has also served as a Division Chief, Chief of the Special Assault Unit and was a member of the Tacoma Police Department's Child Abduction Response Team. In 2009, he received the Pierce County Sheriff's Department award for Deputy Prosecuting Attorney of the year. Judge Blinn has also served as Judge Pro-Tempore for Thurston County District Court since 2010. He is a former member of the Board of Trustees for the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association. He earned a Juris Doctor degree from the Seattle University School of Law.

In addition to his legal background, Judge Blinn has previously served as an elected Fire Commissioner for West Pierce Fire and Rescue and member of the South Sound 911 policy board. He is active in Tacoma Narrows Rotary. He has served as an advisory board member of the Boys and Girls Club. He also has an extensive record of volunteer service in the community.

Judge Blinn and his wife Katie have been married for over 16 years. They have three children


Tuesday September 3, 2013 the City Council approved an interlocal agreement between the City of Lakewood and Town of Steilacoom for Municipal Court services. The contract includes court services, public defense and prosecution services. This is exciting for the Municipal Court as the contract will be beneficial to both parties by Lakewood providing excellent court and judicial services to the Town of Steilacoom at a reduced cost from their current tradition of having a municipal court. This is a moving trend towards regionalization for municipalities to combine services in an effort to reduce budget costs and providing enhanced services not available in smaller jurisdictions. The Municipal Court staff will be assisting Steilacoom during the transition.

For additional information visit the Steilacoom website

Memorandum Regarding Steilacoom Municipal Court Local Rules

With the joint operation of the Lakewood, University Place, and Town of Steilacoom municipal courts, it is appropriate to make the local court rules uniform. Since a permanent change to the Steilacoom Municipal Court Local Rules (SCMLR) cannot take place until next year and since an emergency rulemaking would be burdensome, the Court intends to take advantage of SCMLR 1.4 which provides for discretionary suspension or modification of the rules in individual cases. It will be the policy of the Steilacoom Municipal Court to modify or suspend its rules in favor of the uniform rules of the Lakewood and University Place Municipal Courts to the extent that the rights of the parties will not be prejudiced thereby.

The Court staff will generally apply the Lakewood Local Court Rules unless a party to a Steilacoom case objects and asks that the Steilacoom Municipal Court Rules apply. Any such request will be submitted to the presiding judge for consideration on a case by case basis.

Judge Ernest Heller


University Place

The City of University Place contracts with the Lakewood Municipal Court for court services to include prosecution and public defender services. All infractions and misdemeanors filed after 01/01/2011 are being routed to the Municipal Court at the City of Lakewood. For all University Place Municipal Court cases that were filed prior to 01/01/2011, please contact Pierce County District Court at (253) 798-7474.

For additional information visit the University Place website .