Alternative Sentencing

Most offenders who are sentenced to a short-term jail sentence, or who would be unable to complete jail alternatives successfully are confined to serve their sentences with the Pierce County Jail in Tacoma. As this option is costly for local jurisdictions, the Municipal Court offers several different alternatives in lieu of traditional jail time:

  • Work Crew
  • Electronic Home Monitoring
  • Community Service option through a non-profit organization
  • Alternative Jail location for long-term offenders at Wapato City Jail or Fife City Jail
  • Work Release at defendant’s expense

These programs benefit the Court and the community:

  • Defendants complete their sentences without early release due to jail overcrowding
  • Substantial saving in jail expenses
  • Work Crew and community service alternative provides a labor resource for maintenance and projects in the Cities of Lakewood and University Place

Work Crew

The Work Crew alternative to jail is offered to low-risk offenders who are screened prior to acceptance into the program. All participants are supervised by the Work Crew Supervisor or designee while performing labor in the City. Work hours are Wednesday – Saturday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. All individuals must be physically able to work manual labor type jobs and medical documentation must be filed for any excusal. Strict compliance with work crew rules is required for participants to successfully complete their obligation. Questions about work crew can be addressed by calling (253) 983-7806.

Electronic Home Monitoring

Offenders placed on EHM are confined to their residence except for employment, treatment, court, and medical appointments. The system tracks when offenders enter and leave their residence and any violation is reported to the court. In conjunction with EHM the judge may order the individual to have an alcohol monitoring device to evaluate compliance and provide the court with immediate notification of any violation. All individuals on EHM are required to meet weekly with a Court Compliance Officer and submit to weekly drug testing.