If you need to contact your probation officer call the main court line at (253) 512-2258. Due to the nature of our business, probation is not an appropriate place for children.


The Municipal Court Probation Department monitors conditions of sentence imposed on defendants placed on active probation for misdemeanor offenses.

Most cases that are placed on probation have an active treatment requirement, to include alcohol/drug treatment, domestic violence treatment, parenting classes, or mental health treatment. After the court imposes conditions, the department monitors compliance with those conditions and notifies the court immediately of any non-compliance issues. At the Court’s request, the probation officer performs a pre-sentence investigation to provide background information to the court. The department also conducts random drug and alcohol testing.

Probation can provide resources for treatment programs, human services, sober support group meetings, and other programs/services as available. This department does not provide courtesy supervision for other jurisdictions and does not transfer cases to other departments (unless the case falls under the Interstate Compact).

For those individuals on probation, please note there have been many changes regarding misdemeanant offenders who wish to move out of state. If you want to move out of Washington, you must contact your probation officer for further information before leaving the state.

Probation clients are required to maintain current address & phone numbers with their PO.