Frequently Asked Questions

When is my court date?
Find my court date
I cannot appear at my court date. Can I reset it?
If you have a non-criminal traffic matter, you can appear in person at the counter before the scheduled date to request a new court date. This can only be done once. If you have a criminal matter, you cannot reschedule your court date.
I missed my court date. What should I do?
Contact the court at (253) 512-2258 or come in person to be advised of your options.
How do I make a payment on a fine?

Please note phone payments cannot be taken directly by the Court.

Cash, check, money order, debit card and credit card are all accepted at the front counter during normal business hours. We stop taking payments at 4:45 pm. If mailing payment or using the drop box, please include your ticket or case number on your check or money order.

Alternatively, you may contact Official Payments for telephone (800) 272-9829 or online payments . Lakewood’s jurisdiction code is 8002. A service fee will apply to any internet or telephone payment. If you make payment via Official Payments, Signal Management Services, or AllianceOne please be advised that depending on your method of payment processing can take 2 – 10 business days before the court is notified plus an additional 2 business days before Department of Licensing is updated.

Can I get a time payment?

You may be eligible for a 60-day time payment agreement. You can either submit your request in writing or come to the front counter during normal business hours. If you need more than 60-days to pay the fine in full, contact Signal Management Services at (800) 874-1958 or complete the Signal Application .

What is your collection agency?
If your account was sent to collections, you will need to contact Alliance One at (800) 456-8838. If your driving license is suspended for unpaid fines, contact Alliance One and ask if you qualify for the PIA program. Please note the judge will not consider requests to recall accounts from collections if more than one year has elapsed since it was sent to Alliance One.
How do I get my driver’s license unsuspended?
If your driving privileges are suspended, the Suspended License Reinstatement Tool from Department of Licensing will explain how to get your license reinstated.
My car was impounded by Lakewood Police. How do I get it out?

The Municipal Court does not handle car impounds. Impounds are addressed through the Police Department (253) 830-5070 and Lakewood City Hall main reception desk (253) 589-2489. The length of the impound hold depends on the driver’s driving record (number of prior convictions that the driver may have had in the last five years) and the current charge.

  • Arrested for DUI? 12 hour hold
  • Number of suspended 3rd convictions in the past five years:

0 = No mandatory hold; 1 = 30 days; 2 or more = 60 days

  • Number of suspended 1st or 2nd convictions in the past five years:

0 = 30 days; 1 or more = 60 days

The vehicle can only be released to the registered or legal owner. The registered owner may request another person redeem the car but the owner must be present. The person redeeming the vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and proof of current insurance. The owner must first go to the police station front desk and obtain a form authorizing the release of the vehicle and then must pay the $100.00 administrative fee at the City Hall main reception desk. Finally, before the vehicle is released all impound and storage fees must be paid. Questions can be directed to (253) 830-5070.

What can I do if I received a ticket for no proof of driver’s insurance?
If you had vehicle insurance that was in effect the date of your ticket, come to the counter and show the proof and the fine will be reduced to a filing fee of $25.00. If you were not covered by an insurance policy on the date of the ticket but have now obtained valid insurance, come the counter and show proof and the fine will be reduced from $550.00 down to $150.00.
Can I view my photo ticket online?
Yes, just go to Photo Notice and enter city code = LAKEWD.
Does a photo ticket go on my driving record?
Photo enforcement tickets for red light and school zone violations are NOT reported to Department of Licensing and will not become a part of your driving record.
How do I get help for Domestic Violence?
Please see our Domestic Violence page for more information.
Where can I get a copy of my police report?
Go to South Sound 911 Records at 930 Tacoma Avenue S., Room 239, Tacoma, WA 98402.
How do I vacate/expunge my criminal record?
First read the Guide to Criminal Records before filing a motion to vacate a misdemeanor conviction.
How do I obtain public records? How much does it cost?
You need to complete a Court Records Request form and file it with the Municipal Court. If you are the defendant, attorney of record, or state agency there is no cost otherwise the cost is $1.00 first page, $.50 each additional page, $5.00 certified copy, and $10.00 electronic recording.
How do I appeal the Judge’s ruling?
You must file an appeal within 30-days of the Judge’s decision. The Appeal Packet will have instructions. Please note that court personnel cannot provide legal advice so may wish to speak with an attorney.
What is an infraction?
Infractions are non-criminal violations of the law and include violations such as speeding, parking, watercraft violations, code violations and animal complaints. Previously, many traffic and criminal violations were considered crimes, but in 1981 Washington joined a number of states in decriminalizing minor offenses which resulted in a major change in the way courts of limited jurisdiction deal with those offenses. Now, many traffic, parks, wildlife and fisheries offenses are civil infractions.
What is a misdemeanor vs. a gross misdemeanor?
In general, gross misdemeanors are offenses punishable by up to 364 days in jail and misdemeanors are those offenses punishable by up to 90 days in jail. A fine may also be imposed. A fine for a gross misdemeanor may not exceed $5,000 and $1,000 for a misdemeanor.
Where can I get a marriage license?
Marriage licenses are not issued at the Municipal Court. You will need to go to the Pierce County Annex at 2401 S 35th ST, Tacoma WA 98409. To schedule a wedding with Judge Blinn please call the court at (253) 512-2258.
How do I document my court ordered community service?
You can complete your community service at a nonprofit agency as outlined on the Community Service SheetYou can complete your community service at a nonprofit agency as outlined on the Community Service Sheet .