Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

The seven Parks & Recreation Advisory Board members are appointed by the City Council and advise the Council regarding park and recreation issues. Members are residents of Lakewood and volunteer their time to work with City staff, citizen's groups, agencies and organizations to increase awareness of City's park facilities and to ensure they're most efficiently and safely used by citizens. Members often are called on to research and recommend funding options that will allow improvements to be made at local park sites. They are well informed regarding the City's park facilities and recreation opportunities, and because of their direct business involvement in other park systems or their regular personal use of local park facilities, they are able to represent Lakewood's citizens well when discussing park or recreation issues including playgrounds, sports fields, community buildings, needs assessment or construction projects.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30p.m. in City Hall, unless otherwise noted. Please check the City's monthly calendar to verify the meeting schedule.

Current PRAB Members:
Jason Gerwen, Chair
Roger Laybourn
J. Alan Billingsley
Jim Charboneau
Gary Fowler
Tanja Scott
Vito Iacobazzi