Soggy Doggy 5K

Soggy Doggy 5k Route

Soggy Doggy 5K

June 8, 2013

Fort Steilacoom Park
  • Please only bring dogs that are well-behaved around other dogs and people.
  • Leash and scoop laws are in effect before, during and after the race.
  • Dogs may be off-leash ONLY inside the Off-Leash Dog Park.
  • Leashes are to be no longer than 6 feet; please keep it short at the start to avoid entanglement.
  • No extended retractable leashes.
  • Clean up after your pets.
  • No dogs in heat.
  • Limit one dog per person.
  • Dogs should be at least 6 months old and up to date on vaccinations.

We strongly suggest that both the owner and dog train for this event if you already run.

Runners, start conditioning yourselves and your dog for at least a few weeks leading up to the race. You should inspect your dog’s pads for signs of injury (cuts and wear) and be careful in warmer weather (carry water, keep runs short, watch your dog for signs of stress). Talk to your veterinarian if you have any concerns.  We recommend jogging on trails or other locations where people run with their dogs, to acclimate your dog to running in a pack with distractions.

This is a trail run – no strollers will be permitted