Tree Removal Guidelines - 2012 MLK Week Storm

The City of Lakewood recognizes the extent of damage caused by the recent winter storm to trees city-wide. The following guidelines, consistent with existing City policies regarding tree protection and retention, are being provided to help property owners with the removal of damaged and/or hazardous trees.

No permit is required:

  • If your property size is developed, less than 17,000 gross square feet in size, and located within a single family residential zone.  Damaged and/or hazardous tree(s) on your property may be removed without a permit unless the tree is located within 50’ of a shoreline.

A permit may be required:

  • If your property is located in any zone other than a single family residential zone. Please provide detailed photo documentation or other evidence clearly showing trees that are damaged or pose danger to structures or other improvements in which case a formal arborist report may not be necessary.
  • If your property size is over 17,000 gross square feet and is located in a single family residential zone, please provide photo documentation of any damaged/hazardous tree(s) to be removed. If damage or danger is clearly evident, an arborist report may not be required.
  • For trees located in close proximity to the City’s public right-of-way (ROW) or located in the (ROW), please contact Paul Powers with the Lakewood Public Works Department at (253) 267-1628.
  • For healthy trees (not damaged) to be removed as a precautionary measure, a Washington State licensed arborist assessment will normally be required with your permit application stating whether such tree(s) is/are a safety hazard.

Further, for trees needing to be removed or trimmed that are in close proximity to power lines, please contact your utility provider before proceeding.

Please note, all individuals performing professional tree services in City limits are required to be licensed with the City of Lakewood and need to provide proof of insurance.

For more information please contact the City of Lakewood’s Planning Department staff at (253) 512-2261.