Shoreline Master Program Update

In July 2009, the City of Lakewood received a $100,000 grant from the state Department of Ecology (DOE) to conduct a comprehensive update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP). This update is mandated under state law.

Shorelines under jurisdiction of the state include streams whose mean annual flow is 20 cubic feet per second or greater and lakes whose area is greater than 20 acres. Within Lakewood, this includes the shorelines of American Lake, Lake Steilacoom, Gravelly Lake, Lake Louise, Waughop Lake, Chambers Creek and Clover Creek.

The City has retained a consultant, AHBL Inc., to help develop this work. A Public Participation Plan was approved by the City Council, and a Shoreline Inventory and Characterization Report has been prepared and was submitted to DOE on April 21, 2010. This revised inventory and maps reflect changes required by DOE.

AHBL Inc., prepared a draft SMP for public review. The draft master program establishes shoreline designations and sets forth policies and regulations for future development. All developments located within the shoreline area must be evaluated in the context of the SMP and must comply with the policies and regulations established by the state Shoreline Management Act, through the City’s SMP.

In July 2011, AHBL provided the City with the 1st revision to the draft SMP . The modifications made to the document reflect comments that have been received to the original document in November 2010. The revisions to the document have been provided in a strike-though and underline format to make it easier to follow how the document has been modified.

The consultant has also provided staff with a Draft Cumulative Impact Analysis and a Draft Restoration Plan . This document provides an analysis of the draft regulations and identifies potential impacts to the shoreline environments.

The Planning Advisory Board held a public hearing in November of 2011 and received testimony from the public regarding the draft Shoreline Master Program. The board considered the testimony received from the hearing in the month of December and the draft SMP has been revised. The board recommended a draft for City Council consideration later in 2012. The PAB draft SMP in addition to the PAB resolution are now available for your convenience.