Crime Free Housing

The City of Lakewood has one of the best and most active Crime Free Housing Programs in the state. The program is a partnership between the Lakewood Police Department and the owners and managers of multi-family housing in Lakewood. In order for an apartment complex to be certified as Crime Free the property must successfully complete a three phase program that insures that they have met the standards for Crime Free Housing.

The first phase is a twelve hour class for owners and managers that train them in a variety of subjects from screening tenants to how to spot a meth lab. The second phase is a physical inspection of the property to insure that all crime prevention requirements, such as dead bolts, have been met. And lastly there is a safety social where the tenants can get to know each other and work together to keep crime out of their complex.

All prospective tenants are screened for criminal history. No one may live in a Crime Free complex unless they have had no criminal convictions for the last seven years and no registered sex offenders are allowed. Participation in the program is voluntary and there is no cost to attend the class.

The Crime Free Housing List contains a complete listing of Crime Free Housing participants.