Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for providing or contracting for municipal services, including engineering, traffic flow, street systems, surface water management, facilities management, solid waste and recycling, and transportation planning.

The Lakewood Public Works Department is organized into seven major divisions. The following briefly describes the functions of each division:

  • Transportation Division : Provides transportation planning, traffic operation improvements, neighborhood traffic services, and oversees capital street projects.
  • Surface Water Management Division : Manages the City's natural and man-made surface water system by providing surface water systems improvements and maintenance functions.
  • Operations & Maintenance Division : Maintains the local street system including streetlights, pavements, vegetation, and storm drainage.
  • The Administrative Division provides the overall management of the Department. The Administrative Division is comprised of the Public Works Director, one administrative assistant, and one senior accountant. The main contact number for the Public Works Department is (253) 983-7795. Please report all problems, concerns, suggestions, and compliments to this number between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00 Monday through Friday. If you have an after hours emergency, please contact (253) 267-1628.
  • The Development Review staff of the Public Works Department are devoted to ensuring that development within the City of Lakewood meets current city codes and development standards. The Development Review staff work to accomplish this goal by being involved in all types and phases of development within the City, providing technical project review, project permitting and construction inspection. Our goal is to work closely with developers, contractors and property owners to provide them with a thorough, accurate, and timely review of their projects and to provide guidance when needed to help bring projects to fruition.
  • The City of Lakewood Solid Waste and Recycling Division promotes recycling and responsible disposal of many materials. Waste Connections is contracted to collect garbage and recycling for residents and businesses in Lakewood. The city manages the contract and resolves residents' service issues.
  • The City of Lakewood Facilities Management Division is devoted to providing the citizens and staff of the Lakewood clean, comfortable, and effective facilities for the delivery of City services. Lakewood conference rooms are available for public use.