Guiding Principles

Several years ago the City of Lakewood created a list of shared organizational values that would serve as a code of conduct for City Staff. This resulted in four “Guiding Principles”:

  • Service
    We provide prompt, courteous, and effective service, emphasizing problem solving and creativity.
  • Teamwork
    We communicate and work cooperatively with others, recognizing and appreciating the contributions of all.
  • Integrity
    We are honest, accountable and honor our commitments.
  • Respect
    We embrace differences and treat each other with dignity.

The Guiding Principles have stood the test of time and exist in their original form today. New employees learn about the Guiding Principles from the City Manager after they are hired; and existing employees nominate and award employees quarterly who embody the Guiding Principles. City leadership remains committed to instilling and maintaining the Guiding Principles as part of City of Lakewood’s customer service oriented culture.