A short plat application was filed with the City of Lakewood Community Development Department on October 10, 2017, and deemed complete on October 25, 2017. The application materials may be reviewed at the offices of the City of Lakewood Community Development Department, 6000 Main Street S.W., Lakewood, WA 98499.

APPLICATION NUMBER AND NAME:   LU1700195 – Jensen – Short Plat

APPLICANT INFORMATION: Contact Person- David Follansbee (253) 383-2422

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Proposal to subdivide 2 lots totaling 0.99 acres located at 12624 & 12611, Lakeland Avenue SW, into 4 lots.  Proposed lot sizes are as follows: Lot 1, 14,901 SQ.FT, Lot 2, 10,301 SQ.FT, Lot 3, 10,478 SQ.FT, Lot 4, 7,246 SQ. FT.

TAX PARCEL NUMBER:  (511) 000-0231 & (511) 000-0111

ZONING: Residential 2 (R2) & Residential 3 (R3)


PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD: The public and interested agencies are invited to comment on the application beginning on December 7, 2017 and ending December 21, 2017.  Comments must be in writing and received in the Lakewood Community Development Department by 5 P.M. on December 21, 2017. All comments should be directed to:

Lakewood Community Development Department
Attn: Ramon Rodriguez, Assistant Planner
6000 Main Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98499
Tel: (253) 983-7802

the initial decision on this application will be made by the Community Development Director. Any person wishing to become a party of record shall include in their comments that they wish to receive a copy of the decision. A party of record may appeal the decision on this application by filing a complete appeal application within 14 calendar days of the date of the decision. The filing fee for an appeal of a Decision is $450.00.

This project is subject to and shall be consistent with the Lakewood Municipal Code, Uniform Building Code and Uniform Fire Code.